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Eveline Napaja Keke”Life Pages writes…..”THE LIFE OF THE PAGE WRITES”

When life hurts
 and the heart is covered with ice
 Bitterness overflows from his eyes
 The night echoes in silence
 You are leaving:
 My life companion
 A beam of darkness covers my world
 The desolation of a broken spirit
 The source of my tears and bitterness
 Life and me
 From morning to day -Surprises, disappointments, smiles and pain
 It’s all my life
 The life of the site writes
 Grayness turned into love
 But look
 The night everyone sleeps
 I burn with longing
 Looking for time as before
 Your words echo in silence
 Open your heart
  He gives you love
 In the dew of the morning
 The golden thread of the sun
 In the smell of the wind
 Breathe in the love that Heaven gives
 As the morning wanders by the smell of dew
 The golden thread of the sun connects us with its spirit.
     author: Eveline Napaja Keke

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